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What’s refreshing about Blaire White is that she says she's speaking only from her point of view, while most trans activists claim they speak for an entire community. [Round 1: Madness] Ayo, I mastered my craft in rap so I know you ain't even close Plus after that battle, him and Fresco reenacted the pottery scene from Ghost I'ma notify your mother and call all your teachers Cause we're still mad that you got Juno pregnant Paulie Bleeker You're also sweater than Now & Laters fucking with a Florida alligator Ayo Nerds are my favorite candy, but I ain't much into the "faggot" flavor I bet your broke into a tranny's medicine box and and stole an estrogen shot Inject it trying to develop feminine spots and out of necessity ate the rest of your cock Yo, cause half of us don't even believe you're a guy, so who's your mama?Carmen is a recurring character, appearing in three seasons. From then on, whenever he was with her he was constantly cautious of her waist.Carmen is first seen flirting with some men in Paddy's.During the interview, White echoed Rubin’s sentiments.In pushing for gender-neutral bathrooms, she said the left is fighting a fight trans people don't want.

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" I'm an 80's Grindhouse horror baby so killing zombies is nothing new And somebody better tell Amy Winehouse watching skinny white bitches die is just something I'm accustomed to You Twilight vampire fucking Jew You had me a wee bit confused Cause I was wondering why you don't just keep singing tunes for the B-52s Love Shack baby!Carmen is a transgender woman who was dating Mac, much to his nervous embarrassment.She later had her Sex-Reassignment Surgery and married Nick and the two had Dee act as the surrogate mother for their baby, who Carmen is actually the real biological father (or mother..of; she had her penis removed before the birth) of (a donor egg was fertilized with Carmen's sperm; Nick says he is unable to have children). Mac flirted with her intently before Dennis pointed out her penis to him.Cause either she's gonna tell us that you lied or that you're just Fried from Futurama Looking like some Jewish rocker that confused his music genres I'm just glad I get to do the honors or executing the Unabomber There's only one thing you gotta realize when you're facing me son I'm the American Michael Meyers, you're the Canadian one [Round 1: Kid Twist] You wanna talk about the guy I served yesterday?

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Dave Rubin recently interviewed Blaire White on his Rubin Report show, prefacing the talk with opening remarks on the pivotal North Carolina bathroom issue he described as “the outrage of the month.” Various high-profile celebrities cancelled shows in the state in what Rubin characterized as “virtue signaling,” punishing all North Carolinians, regardless of their stance on the issue.