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10-Aug-2017 04:09

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Because, simpy the majority of ERPers durig vanilla was humans. Peoples mind is fixated on other peoples sexuality, peoples mind are fixated on, how wrong that kind of sexuality is, or that kind of sexuality is, or how that sex position is just weird or whatever. I'd think it was actually quite cool/fun if it was based upon real RP'ing, with a build up formed on top of a real relationship...The same reason sex features to heavily in the media. People, and especially world of warcraft players, are so messed up, that they feel the need to, the desire to, the strange lust to bother about other peoples things. But it's not, it's just creepy old men (I imagine).However, the third party, who's outside of the actual act and merely sees/hears it, will judge it a lot heavier if it is against the law and standard morals than when it's fine with everything. Some people consider erotic encounters to be an important part of their role-play and their characters development, some people'll just do it for the SEXUAL THRILL.This is a change from "Oh, that's just nasty dude" to "That's illegal and I could sue you for this you sicko! Either way, if it's not your thing, you best just stay out of it's way.

This means they can find a familiar idea in each other - both have sexual desires/fantasies they want to act out, both have the same sort of 'pervy' mind and aren't judging each other on it, as they both have it.

:)Now, on the topic of realism, as you made out that you don't find any class in merely whispering and that the slower walking might be an attempt to add some realism: I do not think that 'realism' has anything to do with it, even more so if you come to think of it that engaging into a virtual reality might also be done to deny actual reality and problems that a person encounters there, such as selfhate and shyness over his/her emotions and fantasies, while those things vanish when you meet someome to cyber with ingame, as you get the familiar feeling, such as I stated in my previous post aswell: Regarding not knowing who's behind the keyboard...

I've more or less deducted that this would be due to people who cyber together are in a way familiar and also hanging from the same string..

On the other side however, legal systems become involved, for when one (or both) of the parties are underaged.

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Now, in this case, I do believe the same applies as I have mentioned above for both parties.

They are also the only people who actually end up yelling out disturbing stuff and doing disturbing emotes in Goldshire, not the ERP'ers themselves, kinda ironic.

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