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27-Aug-2017 09:22

If you’re comfortable messing with the registry, you can use Microsoft’s heinously unfriendly method detailed here.

A powerful new tool has just been released for jailbreakers to “unjailbreak”.

You can change the timing of that to something more convenient, or just cancel it altogether.

There is a native way to completely disable Windows 10 updates, but it’s the opposite of user-friendly, since it involves editing the registry.

About two months ago, Google announced You Tube TV.

For a month, subscribers get access to live shows from nearly 40 networks and a DVR service with unlimited space.

If you want to hang on your Windows 7 or 8 install without having to live in fear of an unexpected update (like this unfortunate TV weather crew), or if you want to prevent Windows 10 from spying on practically everything you do, we’ve put together the definitive guide.

So much so that if you leave your PC to its own devices for too long, you might come back and find that Cortana has settled in and made itself at home.

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The company's CEO Mike Hopkins said they want to become "a viewer’s primary source of television." People also have the option to add-on services for an additional fee.

Here's a breakdown of each feature: Base Plan So what do you think? Facebook fights back against violent live video streaming Google Docs hit by massive phishing scam!

Does Hulu with Live TV (Beta) encourage you to cut the cable cord?

The service will work for Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox One, and i OS and Android devices.

It will be coming to Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon devices and Rokutoo.

Simply download the utility and run it, and it will make the necessary deep-level changes to prevent any upgrade to Windows 10.