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11-Sep-2017 11:16

Since, this means free members of POF will now not be able to tell if a member has read or deleted their message anymore unless they pay for the privilege first.

The cost of Goldfish credits vary on the amount you buy.

“Counselor,” Alito began, and nobody coulda guessed where he was headed. “As I was saying,” the lawyer continued, “I think horse whispering is overrated.

“Don’t you think that some people, horse whisperers or others, might have some patentable insights into the best way to train animals? Anybody can talk to a horse, and in the case of Mr.

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You have to take off your hat when you come into the Supreme Court, but I’ve seen him do it.So I don’t think that’s possible.” If there was a rule against hyperbole before the Court I wouldn’t have a job. ” “Yes.” It was Justice Thomas, who never says a thing at oral argument. ” I'm a Boston-area writer, author of two novels (most recently "Making Partner"), a baseball book about the Red Sox and the Yankees ("The Year of the Gerbil"), ten published plays and 45 books of humor available in print and Kindle formats on