French vs american dating

04-Jul-2017 08:46

After the usual exchange of Tinder pleasantries, he suggested we meet for a drink that night, but I was busy, so he asked for my number to connect on Whats App. At 36, I was burned out on dating in New York and sick of fielding questions about my love life from every aunt, neighbor, rabbi, and dental hygienist.

French guys really don’t play games — here’s what popped up on my phone the next day: “? But for all the parallels, there are about a dozen culture clashes that make finding a partner in this romantic city even more of a nightmare — just in completely different ways. If in New York you marshal an army of resources to pick the perfect first-date spot, here in Paris, men suggest just meeting at the metro and taking it from there.

It may be difficult to reprogram my brain from “slow and steady wins the race” to “the last one to the finish line loses,” but the fact of the matter is, if I’m going to live here, I have to learn to love here — on their terms.

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Some of us really can tie a flourish-y square knot — and not because we're trying to be more French, but because it looks great with our American Apparel tee, Levi's jeans, and Frye boots. French and Americans have different views about what sexy means because we have different cultures.

Little example: In France you can find a good hairdresser on every corner.

They’re not going to slut-shame you.” And there’s some truth to the age-old clichés about Paris as the world capital of romance.

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Also, the feminists there do not hate men, unlike in the US.

In fact, French girls never make fun of men or diss them.

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