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For sure many Africans suffer from oppression, poverty, and communal and infectious diseases, however there are many affluent and civilized societies here as well.

The women here are just as diverse, however most have similar appearances and depending on how westernized they are, many women are free to do as they wish.

Here are some generalizations about beautiful African women.

In some countries dating and freedom of mates are acceptable, while in other it is unheard of and marriages are often arranged.

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There, Harris met filmmaker Jessica Van Der Wyngaard, who was completing a master's in Theological Studies.

Van Der Wyngaard explained that she had been waiting for years for someone to engage in the questions she believes the film will ask.

She decided that crowdsourcing, as opposed to finding organizational sponsorship, was a way of including others like her who were asking the same questions.

When it comes to Africa and the African women, it is safe to say that there are many stereotypes about them.

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However, one thing is certain – African beauties are mesmerizing! It is very rich in natural resources; it is home to some of the oldest civilizations; it has breathtaking landscapes and coasts; it harbors many cultures and religions and of course it is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Poet and public speaker Emily Joy wrote on Facebook, “Unless Joshua Harris is about to renounce the entirety of purity culture, from style to content, then he doesn't need a single dollar from us — and he certainly doesn't need 38,000 of them to tell us that he meant well but just got a few things wrong.” According to her Facebook page, Joy is among the “post-evangelical Christians currently leaving the church due to its hate-filled rhetoric and exclusionary theology.” And in fact, one of the biggest challenges that Van Der Wyngaard’s and Harris’ project will face is that many of the individuals who “survived ” have left the evangelical church and are less open to hearing a conservative response. “It’s understandable that people want to know exactly what’s going to be said before they fund something,” he said.