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Estimates of the numbers of prostitutes in China range from 3 million according to officials estimates by the government to 10 million by the U. State Department to 20 million by one Chinese economist.

By one count there around 1 million full-time prostitutes in China and perhaps 8 to 10 million more that sometimes accept money and gifts for sex.

Workers that earned a trick in 2005, could only make in 2006 and were earning only a trick in 2007. Every prominent official, writer, artist, or merchant customarily left his wife at home when he traveled; instead he was accompanied by women skilled in making men feel comfortable. For most of the Republican period in mainland China (1912 to 1949), some prostitutes were registered while others plied their trade illegally.

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Sex History and Literature Ancient Sex Culture ; Chinese Sex Literature ; Sex in Ancient China Book Review Prostitution in China : China Law blog ; Wikipedia article Wikipedia ; Shanghaiist blog ; Prostitution warning gochina.Homosexuality in China Purple Dragon gay travel specialists Purple Dragon ; China Daily article ; National Institute of Health paper /; Articles from the 1990s edu ; Some Sources on gay life in China ; Gay in Rural China ; Gay Scene in Shanghai Links in this Website: SEX IN CHINA ; SEX AND HISTORY IN CHINA ; PROSTITUTION IN CHINA ; HOMOSEXUALS IN CHINA ; MAO'S PRIVATE LIFE ; MARRIAGE, LOVE AND DATING IN CHINA ; CONCUBINES AND DIVORCE IN CHINA Brothels are often disguised as hair salons or operate out of working hair salons.

In the same neighborhood, adult stores don’t bother with euphemisms to conceal what they sell. Prostitutes with beepers and mobile phones openly solicit sex at truck stops on the main highways.