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"There should be a standard definition, but I don't know that there could be. If someone wanted to put a year on a cigar, who's going to know for sure what it means, except for the company?" Knowledgeable retailers must look beyond the label to learn the truth in each and every instance.But explaining to a customer what "vintage" means can be a dicey proposition for a smoke shop owner trying to justify the upwards of that some vintage cigars command."It mostly is just a marketing term," said Arthur Zaretsky, owner of New York-based Famous Cigars, which distributes Olor Vintage cigars. For wine makers, the definition of the word is clearly stated in Webster's New World Dictionary: "The crop yield of a particular vineyard or grape-growing region in a single season." However, it is Webster's less precise secondary definition "representative of or dating from a period long past" that applies to cigars that carry the word 'vintage' in their name.As cigar manufacturers have become more eager to differentiate their best cigars from their regular lines and to offer something that no other manufacturer can, the word vintage is being used more often.

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Cerdans manufactured in 1982 were abandoned by their owner in a bonded warehouse in Switzerland and sold last year at auction to recover the storage costs, according to the distributor, L. Cigars often are blended with tobaccos grown in different years and even different countries."The term vintage is misused, misconceived, and misunderstood in the cigar business," said Peter Strauss, executive vice president of Tabacalera Cigars International (USA) Inc., Tampa, Fla., a subsidiary of Madrid-based Tabacalera S. The difficulty in understanding the cigar industry's use of the word vintage is compounded by nearly every manufacturer because each makes vintage cigars under the terms of their own definition. Cigar Sales, Inc., of Seattle, Wash., for its Astral Vintage line.

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