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23-Aug-2017 14:07

Ozeki, before Christmas, but it’s taken me this long to write an entry about it.

One of my ENGL 204 students lent me her copy of the book (which I had never heard of before) after we read “No Name Woman” and some other Asian-American texts.

” It was the great Tommy Bankhead and I would have many adventures with him in my 20s at The Broadway Oyster Bar.

At this point I was totally out of my element and totally green when it came to The Blues.

” Somewhere in here Freddy got me up on the stage and handed me a guitar.

I started playing and the band’s singer looked up at me and asked, “Boy, did you go to music school?

My watercolor teacher, Arthur Gilmore is having a show at the Piermont Flywheel Gallery in Piermont, NY from May 8th to May 25th.

We were asked there by our friend Freddy Morrell who was sitting in with the band. I recently spoke with Augustino Patti and he can verify everything I remember.

nasib baik masa masuk taxi pakcik tu tanya tiket suma dah ada ke..

depart kul 7.10am delayed dalam 10 minutes, arrived at 9.05am..

mula2 dia bagi Unser then dia ingat aku x jadi so dia dah bagi kat org lain..

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how to move from casual dating to serious dating

dia offer RM50 tuk Cultural Village thru her agent.. sambil tu aku duk borak2 ngan Carol tanya tempat2 yg menarik..

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