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05-Jul-2017 16:15

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We will only pass your personal information onto organisations we believe are necessary for the consolidation of your funds – please check our privacy policy for further details.

The best way to consolidate superannuation accounts is to register with the my Gov website (

Australian Lost Super Pty Ltd is a private company operating Australia wide to find and consolidate lost and/or multiple superannuation accounts.

Australian Lost Super Pty Ltd through its website au is dedicated to assisting you with locating and/or consolidating your lost or inactive superannuation.

The main reason people lose track of their super is through switching jobs or moving addresses.

In this day and age people often have had many jobs over their working life and will move several times and whilst estimates vary, the general consensus is that one in 2 working Australians has multiple superannuation accounts. Well there are several reasons;- This is just the tip of the iceberg – there are many other reasons why it can be a problem having multiple superannuation accounts.

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