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03 // SORRY, BRO Our fair city’s fearless leader, Mayor John Cranley, has been in politics long enough to face the wrath of a City Beat staff pick on multiple occasions.In 2002, he received “Best Immature Acts by a Councilman,” wherein he was compared to a school kid sleeping in class for “flipping off the mayor or reading his Christmas cards when he should be paying attention.” In 2007, Cranley ran for Congress against West Side stalwart Steve Chabot, only to lose and receive a write-up titled “Best Place to Buck a Trend,” largely because, we thought, he could never quite bring himself to say the war in Iraq was a bad idea.Here’s a look at readers’ best concerts for the first three and most recent three years of Best of Cincinnati. and Lilith Fair, featuring some of the top female music-makers of the time and headed up by Sarah Mc Lachlan.The Pumpkins were still touring behind their 1995 hit double album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness when they played the Coliseum in January of ’97. The tour returned to River-bend in its second year in 1998.But we’re also not too proud to admit that there might have just been an open ad slot on deadline, and someone had to fill it with something quickly.Either way, everyone still uses computers and (no hyphens) is a real thing.Along with the food, top-notch craft beer and cocktail selections are served by a friendly staff.” “Open until 3 a.m.on the weekends, Shanghai Mama’s serves some of the tastiest Chinese this side of the Yangtze. A drug of choice is the wild mushroom soup with four, count them four, kinds of ’shrooms.”“Get this: He not only believes the Olympics could come to Cincinnati, he actually believes — despite his observation of/participation in the oft-delayed, always perplexed efforts surrounding Fountain Square West, new sports stadium placement, various entertainment districts, etc. Like, you been tokin’ too much Olympic Gold, dude.” “The Bengals can’t do anything without pissing someone off.

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Target is still trying retain a foothold in the market by spending millions of dollars for four minutes of airtime (in the form of Gwen Stefani’s“live music video”) during the most recent Grammys, and you can now buy vinyl albums at Best Buy (something unfathomable a decade ago).While i Tunes’ rise was mentioned as a threat, the other big foe of the indie shop was the big-box store.