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“We can create complex worlds to immerse ourselves with no concern for cost or safety.With VR (virtual reality), I can experience my day in a café in Paris with a laptop.“3D technology is already being used in a multitude of industries in Edmonton.

An oil well with a 3D printer can print any part it needs rather than having to pay for a hot shot delivery.

“The world of 3D is completely changing the way we can design, manufacture, and develop products,” Borgel explains. As a designer, if you design a 3D product on your computer, you will reference that one object in a multitude of scenarios.

A simple 3D object contains: physical dimensions, material specifications, shape, and profile.

“Full manufacturing facilities are being set up worldwide, which print pretty much anything on demand.

Even the space station has an active 3D printer they use to create the custom parts they need as they need them.” Rose concludes, “Edmonton has a unique possibility to take strong advantage of this technology. We don’t want to work with new technology if it doesn’t push us forward; we want to work with it if it makes our jobs and lives easier.

It’s no secret that energy is Alberta’s economy-driving industry, but as the dust settles on the latest recession and the energy industry begins to build itself back up, another industry is showing its economy-building potential in Edmonton: 3D technology.

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