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From there it is simple work to track down his jailers. He's picked out the property, and when retirement approaches, he takes his life savings and plunks it down in cash 35 lahks with a rather sleazy real estate developer.

When he takes the family out to survey the property, they find it has been fenced in and inhabited by Khurana ,a mafioso who demands 12 lahk before he will vacate the land.

Directed by Dibakar Banerjee and written by Jaideep Sahni, this offbeat story has landed a number of awards. The group discovers a house run by a comic caretaker who has been awaiting their arrival. It was difficult to really know what we watched, since our copy of Buddha Mar Gaya was bought on the street in Bombay and had no discernible sub titles. We are beholden to Adam Dugas for bringing this gem to our attention.

While seated around the dinner table, it becomes apparent that each guest has something to hide. It may actually be a decent film, but we don't have a clue. If you think Americans invented Superman, you've never seen a Hanuman film. Disco Dancer must be the Bombay equivalent of Saturday Night Fever, complete with disco dance extravaganzas that will make your head spin and leave you hysterical.

Prince Salim is so smitten by the consort Anakarlai that his incites a civil war to overcome his father's refusal to permit their marriage .

She undergoes prison and repeated threats, but she will not give up her love .

The music was by the great Kalyanjee Veerji and includes his hit " Ara ra ra ra ra ra main to giree re giree re giree re". Three friends, Sameer, Sid and Akash are inseparable college students who share their hopes for the future.

Sid is an artist who falls in love with an older divorcee alcoholic.

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Finally the second son, Cherry, employs a group of actors to outscam the scam artists. When Babu, the criminal underworld boss dies, he leaves 10 billion rupees worth of diamonds to split between his son, daughter, and her husband. Vikrant is the evil son who plots to kill his brother-in-law Guru Gulab Khatri. Were you wondering where that bizarre dance sequence was in the beginning of Ghost World? The song was "Jaan Pehechaan Ho" by Mohammed Rafi, a well-known singer who dubbed for hundreds of Indian musicals.He is in a cell where he is cared for and fed fried wontons and basically kept alive, He struggles to stay sane in his captivity, training his body all day, but hes slowly going crazy. Then one day he is simply released without an explanation. He vows he will track down his kidnappers and extract vengeance, but he has no place to start.

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