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“Honestly Jin, keep this up and you’ll replace me in his life.” “Ma, don’t say that! And thank you for keeping him busy Jin.” You slid back into the kitchen after smiling at the two boys, going back to work on all the new orders. You entered your home with a sleeping boy in your arms, looking at your watch to check the time. With a sigh, you tucked Malachi into his bed, pulling the dinosaur covers up to his chin and tucking his Teddy Bear into his arms.

” You chuckled as your son pouted at your words, coming back out of the kitchen to him with a milkshake in hand. With the switch of a nightlight and a kiss on his forehead, you were quietly closing the door to his room.

With a strangled huff, you pushed yourself off of the couch that seemed unusually inviting at the moment. You can’t seem to remember the last time it was blue.

Looking in the mirror, you touched up some of your mascara and lipstick before quietly knowing on Malachi’s room. Parking the truck, you walked back into the familiar restaurant, the smell of coffee and bacon hitting your nose as soon as the door opened. The name fell from your son’s mouth as soon as the man with orange hair came through the doors.

Reader, kinda getting 80′s vibes from this Word Count: 1,742, there’ll probably be a shit ton of mistakes in this. You had just picked him up from his school, still in your waitress uniform, and were walking him back to your car.

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It will also connects you with people who can understand and share the same biker lifestyle as yours.You know you’d have to let him go someday, but you were dreading it.Watching him grow up broke your heart, and he’s only seven. You opened the passenger door of your beat up pick-up for him, sighing at the fact that you still couldn’t splurge any money on a car seat. “It’s okay Ma, I don’t think a dad could make me love you any more than I already do.” The truck roared to life, the puttering of the exhaust pipe begging to be checked up on.

He had told you beforehand that he got an A on his test, which you didn’t know was possible since he was in second grade, but he deserved a treat nonetheless. You shook the last thought away and walked around the car, remembering Malachi’s voice in your head.They would come, they would eat, possible stay over a night at the motel, and leave.