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The Battle of Maldon on the Essex coast is lost when the Norwegian Viking forces of Olaf Tryggvason defeat those of the ealdorman of Essex, Byrhtnoth.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle criticises the lacklustre performance of the Englishmen of Lindsey, The historian Florence of Worcester explains the half-heartedness by calling the men of Lindsey 'Danes on their father's side', referring to their recent close links to York and the Danelaw.

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The early Anglo-Saxon kings still had their powerbase in Wessex, and still spent much of their time there.

The Wessex-based Anglo-Saxon kings of this period were at the height of their power, ruling the 'Anglo-Saxon Empire' of a united England, with the Scots and Welsh also under their command.

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The queen and her son are strongly supported by lfhere, earl of Mercia.

Viking raiders kill Alphege, archbishop of Canterbury, before being bought off with a huge bribe.

Allied to King Olaf of Norway, thelred fights the Danes in the same year, but his reign is a relative disaster, as he fails to prevent these Danish incursions into the kingdom.

While Eadred was the first universally recognised king of a united England, it was not until the reign of Edgar the Peaceful that the integration of all the English regions under a single administration was completed, making it highly unlikely that the slip back into regional rule that happened during the lifetime of Edwy could be repeated.

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(Additional information by Mick Baker.)A successional rift flares up between Eadred's two nephews, Edwy and Edgar.Edgar's unexpected death at the age of thirty-two throws the kingdom into turmoil. Edward is a teenager when he gains the throne, and soon proves himself to be violent, unstable and quick-tempered.

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