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08-Sep-2017 18:12

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Maree, Ghostwriter A great place to find major projects. At all the other sites, Ive only been able to find people who want an entire book ghostwritten for 0.Plus, Elances payment process makes it safe to complete projects worth this much money.The toughest part of my job is trying to find people who need my services and then convince them to pay me.If you seek them out, it starts off bad because it puts them in the driving seat.

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Mobile dating applications developed by a third-party were added in 2012.Browsing through the writing projects at Elance, one thing stands out. And Ive made about the same again from Elance clients referring me to others. There is more to be made, but I limit myself to about one project a week so I can concentrate on my novels. As a writer, I cant make a cent unless I can find clients. When I think of the time it would take me to search for good clients, I think Elance is a bargain. And the process of completing jobs and getting paid for the work is professional and simple. I watched as all kinds of people started bidding and pushed the quality way down.Its the Recent Earnings figures listed with each bidders name. If youve got ability, there is definitely money to be made. For a month, Elance puts them all in front of me. To get the volume of work Im getting, Im sure it would cost me far more than a month. I watched the bids slide to ridiculously low levels.Once they had quality writers, they worked on attracting quality clients. They focus on attracting clients with promises of cheap services.

Ive completed a few projects through free bidding sites and seen the difference. Sean, Freelance Writer A team of people working for me. I think of it as paying a whole team of people to bring me work. You can bid for free, but the clients they attract are looking for a service at a rock bottom price.With Elance, I just get to sit there and wait for people to come to me. The best thing for me is that the competition for each job gets reduced to a reasonable level.

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